Think about it !

How many stories of animals do you know? How did the fox treat the stork?

At Danny's dinner, Jenny and I didn't like the food. In this story , the food is fine , but something else is wrong.

It es from an ancient Greek story by Aesop. Aesop left many stories .most of them are about animals .from which you can learn about society.

One day, a fox met a stork. The stork was different from other animals that the fox had met. He thought she was wonderful. “ would you like to have dinner with me?" the fox asked

“Yes. It's very kind of you. When shall I e ? ”the stork “Please e tomorrow night," replied.

the fox said

The next day ,the fox made some delicious soup. when the stork arrived ,she was very hungry.

“Are you ready for dinner?' asked the fox

“Certainly," said the stork ,who was doing her best to be polite.

The fox brought the soup in large, flat bowls on the table .the fox ate his sou quickly. The stork, though , could not eat her soup at all. Her beak was too long for the flat bowl.

“would you like some more soup?" the fox asked .

“Thank you .I've had enough ,”the stork answered, politely but sadly. “Don't you like soup?" the fox asked surprised. “Yes, I love soup,” said the stork.

“That's strange !You've hardly eaten anything !”said the fox. “well I'm still hungry," and very rudely ,he ate

another bowl of soup

Finally ,the stork said . “”Fox, thank you for coking this meal ,please e to my home tomorrow ,and I will cook a meal for you .” “Fine !”said the fox. He felt happy because he would see the stork again the next day.

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